Preschool Program

At Peakhurst Early Learning Centre we have developed a pre-school program that will prepare your child for school and for life. Through our play-based learning environment we encourage and teach:

*exploration, wonder, and discovery of the world around them DSC07012

*problem solving, reasoning, experimentation and enthusiasm for learning

*positive social skills, resilience, assertiveness and cooperation

*literacy, language, numeracy and total communication skills

*connecting with others and the community

*being an independent and confident active participant in their learning

Children and families will be invited on excursions to the local school and community areas, as well as, information sessions and events around school readiness and children’s individual development and progress.

Children will participate in the preschool program when they are in the 3-5′s Alkira Room. Therefore, if they already attend our centre they will already have a position when moving up classrooms.

Both play-based and teacher directed learning experiences and activities that align with the National Quality Framework are implemented throughout the year with a focus on topics such as; DSC06982

*school routine

*positive playground behaviours

*personal health and hygiene

*emergency and safety

*cultural awareness and appreciation