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Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

We value collaborative partnerships with families and the community. We have established ongoing relationships with The Riverwood Community Centre, The Local Men's Shed, The Peakhurst Lodge Nursing Home, our local Aboriginal Elder Aunty Deanna, our local Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, SES Workers, Woolworths Supermarket, the local coffee shop, fruit market and Primary School.

Our Community Resources.

In collaboration with the local Men's Shed we established our Street Library where families and community members can exchange children's books and novels.

Our Return and Earn Program with the local community families was developed to raise money to establish our Community Garden at the front of our centre where we plant, grow and share fresh produce to use in our healthy meals and share with others.


"I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary care and dedication demonstrated by your team at Peakhurst Early Learning Centre. As a parent, I am deeply grateful for the exceptional environment they create for our children on a daily basis.

Since enrolling Jordan at your daycare, I have been consistently impressed by the unwavering commitment and passion exhibited by every member of your team. From the first day, it was evident that their love for children goes beyond their job description. Their genuine warmth and nurturing nature provide a nurturing second home for Jordan.  I am truly grateful to have this support especially as a single mother.

The staff's dedication to the overall development of the children is truly remarkable. I have witnessed firsthand the personalized attention given to each child, fostering their emotional, social, and intellectual growth. The thoughtfully planned activities, educational games, and engaging learning materials create an environment where curiosity and imagination flourish.

What sets your staff apart is their exceptional level of patience, understanding, and empathy. Their gentle guidance and encouragement have played a significant role in Jordan's self-esteem and overall development.

As a parent, I wholeheartedly believe that the dedication and passion demonstrated by the team at PELC significantly contributes' to the positive and nurturing atmosphere which is evident every time Jordan and I enter the doors. They truly go above and beyond, and I am forever grateful for their role in shaping Jordan's early years.

Please convey my sincerest gratitude to each member of your staff, including the teachers, management, and support staff. Their tireless efforts and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring.

Thank you for such an exceptional team and providing a haven of love and care for Jordan. Jordan's experiences at PELC have been truly transformative, and I am excited to see his continued growth under the guidance of your remarkable staff."

Warmest regards,

-Sarah & Jordan

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